David Seamer's Illustrated Guides to Freshwater Microorganisms

David Seamer

Microscope and drawing paper

I was born in New Zealand in 1945. I attended Te Awamutu college where, during a double biology lesson in which we examined ‘the cell’, I discovered the wondrous micro-world. Samples of pond water with Amoeba was the example provided but while the rest of the class became bored, I became fascinated with the other microscopic ‘bugs’ swimming about and drew them. After the lesson was over I asked the teacher about the other things and he showed me a copy of Ward & Whipple’s Freshwater Biology - and I was hooked.

From the age of about fifteen I became fascinated in this freshwater micro-world and have spent my life exploring it. I was offered employment as an environmental consultant with various independent research institutes, such as the CSIRO and a number of local and state governments.

In 1993 I converted an ex-school bus into a mobile home/laboratory and spent the next 25-years traveling around south east Australia cataloguing the biodiversity of Australia’s freshwater algae and protozoa.

I am now permanently based in the Victorian country town of Wangaratta from where I continue to write and study.

David Seamer
David Seamer

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