Art and Freshwater Protozoa
by David G. Seamer -

60 Pages
59 Genera

Published February 2022

Unlike previous guides, this book is not an identification guide but a collection of some drawings portraying the beauty and diversity of some of nature's tiniest creatures.

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rt and Freshwater Protozoa
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Art and Freshwater protozoa

Dear David,

Your wonderful books arrived today!
I am thrilled and very proud to have these. I will present these books in our microscopic association. We always meet on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. (CET) via zoom meeting. You are cordially invited tomorrow to take a look at the small but nice group of about 30 people. Our board member, Dr Alfons Renz, asked me to ask you whether you would like to introduce yourself and explain your work and your goals/intentions next Sunday, February 27th, 2022. It would be an honor for us to welcome you as a guest. Please feel free to use the link below tomorrow.
With very best regards
Anne Gleich, Germany.


The first thing the reader notices in this latest publication, Art and Freshwater Protozoa  by David Seamer is that there is only one page of writing as the manual really is an assemblage of his drawings done over many years. The second thing I noticed is that each page has only one drawing making each image larger than shown in his previous publications. This enables the viewer to look more closely at and observe the tiny intricate details that David has managed to convey. As someone who has made hundreds of drawings of Desmids I used a drawing tube attached to my microscope and appreciate the time and effort that David has put into each of his drawings. On a scale of 1-10 and David's are 10 and mine are at the lower level of 1-2. What is more remarkable is that David does not use a drawing tube and draws directly from the microscope. Wow! That is some feat indeed. This is not an identification manual and each drawing can stand alone as a work of art. Before you start thinking of removing each page and framing them for your walls I urge you to first ask David to draw you your favourite microscopic specimen as a one off and pay him for his work. Then frame it. I cannot recommend it highly enough and every microscopist should have a copy in their possession and I urge you all to contact David and purchase a copy (or several).
Mike Dingley.



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