Beginners guide to the Desmids
by David G. Seamer -

27 pages
38 Genera

Published 05/25/2020

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Freshwater Desmids
Freshwater Desmids Freshwater Desmids
Freshwater Desmids Freshwater Desmids

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Beginners Guide to the Desmids

Anyone fortunate enough to have looked through a microscope at a drop of pond or lake water, will, most likely, have seen some form of algae. The number of species within the range of algae is staggering; from microscopic to giant kelp. This guide focuses on a microscopic type of algae; the Desmids. Mr. Seamer's 27 pages cover 38 genera with his own drawings that typify common species. The prefix and introduction convey facts about the taxonomy and reproduction of Desmids. Most microscope enthusiasts have seen these symmetrically interesting beauties. This is a must-have visual reference for your library.
Steve Cunningham, Baltimore, MD, USA



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