A Beginners Guide to Freshwater Diatoms
by David G. Seamer - dseamer@live.com

19 pages
53 Genera

Published December, 2019

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Steve Cunningham
Baltimore, MD USA
         David Seamer's new book, BEGINNERS GUIDE to the FRESHWATER DIATOMS, arrived 2 days ago. Flipping through the 19 pages I recognized a few diatoms I had filmed through the eyepiece of my microscope and kept on file. Soon I was searching the Internet for certain genera to confirm what I had.
         This is the whole point of the book: a springboard for further research. Seamer's preface and introduction explain useful knowledge about diatoms including a drawing of a typical example showing the various parts.
         Diatoms come in seemingly endless varieties and it would be impossible to include all genera and species in any one tome. David's book points to many genera which are useful for identification.


My copy of A Beginners Guide to Freshwater Diatoms has just arrived and I am very pleased with it.
Thank you David Seamer.
Susie Jane Althorp,
Adelaide, South Australia.


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