An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Flagellates
by David G. Seamer

This book has been combined into An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Protozoa

116 genera of colonial and solitary flagellates.

Published July, 2018
ISBN-13: 978-0-646-99014-9


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Freshwater Flagellates
Anthophysa Chrysophaerella
Entosiphon Gonyostomum
Haematococcus Notosolenus
Pandorina Phalansterium
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An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Flagellates

“Colonial phytoflagellates “ – there’s a subject for a cocktail party! … and this is the first chapter in David Seamer’s new Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Flagellates. Perhaps fittingly, because the first discussed is a favourite of many microscopists: Volvox. I well remember at a Quekett Microscopical Club excursion to Wimbledon Common being encouraged by Maurice Moss to photograph Volvox and then “Can you capture the cystoplasmic strands between the individuals?.... what about the flagella??...”. David Seamer’s guide captures all this, and more.

As with David’s other guides it is lavishly illustrated with his very clear line drawings which will be of great assistance to anyone wanting to identify freshwater flagellates and every little bit of help is most welcome as their variety is bewildering to the uninitiated. This is going to be an indispensable help as I sift through pond samples drop by microscopical drop.

I was pleased to be able to showcase this guide at a recent Quekett Microscopical Club meeting and I highly recommend obtaining a copy (see

Graham Mathews,
West Sussex, UK.


The book  'Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Flagellates' by David Seamer is an excellent guide for lovers of the microworld. A lot of interesting information is in it and it is not only for an amateur but also a serious scientist. A simple and qualified review of such a complex realm as the flagellates. A special feature of the book are the magnificent drawings, allowing you to quickly navigate the classification and determine the genera.
Today I received this book. With autograph! Many thanks to David!

Sergey Lysak,


I have received the book 'An illustrated Guide to Freshwater Flagellates' with thanks and have had a read through. It is still up to your usual high standard of drawings and information. As you state in the Preface that this book is aimed at the novice, the amateur and non professional, but I think that it would be of great help to professionals as well. Maybe not in their respective narrow fields of research but more generally especially in teaching. I hope that you sell many more copies and I congratulate you in taking on this mammoth task.
I really do look forward to your tome on the Amoebae!

Michael Dingley,
Windsor, N.S.W.


I received your books yesterday afternoon. Great !!
Thank you very much for your work and for your dedication to this work !!4

Antonio Guillén Oterino


Yesterday they arrived from Australia two magnificent guides published by David Seamer. A
general on the microscopic life of freshwater and another on flagellates. Both the precious
original illustrations of David, no doubt works of art, like his very clear and precise texts, are of
great help to all who try to bring us closer to knowledge of this fascinating universe. Thank you
David for these jobs!! It is an honor that you are part of these groups like the microscopic world
or Amateur microscopy where your help is always fundamental.

Antonio Guillén Oterino


David Seamer's latest book, "An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Flagellates" with hand-drawn pictures of 116 genera is a most helpful reference to the often confusing world of flagellates. Though intended for the beginner microscopist, intermediate enthusiasts will benefit greatly from the detailed descriptions.

Check out David's website for sample pages.

Steve Cunningham
Baltimore, MD. USA


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