Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Free-living Peritrichs
by David G. Seamer

40 pages - 54 genera

Published July 22, 2019

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Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Free-living Peritrichs

Kenny Gifford,

Hi folks; I was delighted today to receive David Seamer's illustrated guide to the Freshwater Free-living Peritrichs. This is the second volume of David's work on freshwater organisms I've purchased - I find them really helpful in dealing with I.D,s as well as the excellent textual info on species. His freehand drawings never cease to be really well done and accurate, I can recommend these to anyone enjoying microscopy and indeed having an interest in the microphotography and drawing of freshwater life.

Many thanks,


Steve Cunningham
Baltimore, MD USA

An illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Fee-living Peritrichs is an impressive 40 pages packed full of common and not so common genera of peritrichs. There are often multiple examples on each page with descriptions of each. The section on the rare Lagenophryidae puts genera of this family in one section making it easier for the student to compare. At the end of the illustrations, Mr. Seamer has included a glossary and an index of genera. The very last page shows a generic peritrich with labels of various parts of the stalk/lorica/body parts. A must have for the serious student of microscopy.


Michael Dingley,

I have had a look at the guide and the drawings, as always, are exceptional. As with all of your guides they are a 'must-have' resource for microscopists. So congratulations on another fine publication. What is the next publication going to be about?


Sergy Lisak,

Hello all! Today I received David Seamer's excellent illustrated guide "Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Peritrichs". A wonderful allowance for a naturalist! Each time, delving into the study of God's small creatures, I am struck by the Creator's limitless imagination. The book of David’s is a wonderful guide to this world, both for beginners and professionals. Thanks a lot David!

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