An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Protozoa
by David G. Seamer -

230 pages
400 genera of Amoebae, Flagellata and Ciliata.
Detailed information
Genus identification

Published 22 February, 2019
ISBN:13: 978-0-646-99912-8. 

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An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Protozoa

Thank you for the book and introducing me to Protozoans. Reading through "Illustrated Freshwater Protozoa" was a delight fantastic book. The diagrams of each specimen were wonderful so much appreciated your valuable work. I hope every reader will get an idea from this fruitful book, personally, I will recommend it to everyone and will also donate one copy of this book to my department library.

Ikram Ullah,


The book Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Protozoa by David Seamer is an excellent guide for lovers of the microworld. A lot of interesting in it will find not only an amateur but also a serious scientist. A simple and qualified review of such a complex realm as the flagellates. A special decoration of the book are magnificent drawings, allowing you to quickly navigate in the classification and determine the species.
Today I received this book. With autograph! Many thanks to David!
Kurt Maurer,
Texas, USA.


You will be pleased to know that the reference book Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Protozoa has arrived safely and to my surprise faster than expected.

I can say that I am very pleased to be the owner of these excellent books. Having only seen sample pictures in reports which I have read about, I am very impressed. The time, effort and skill which has been put into producing these drawings has to be admired and respected. I know from my own tentative efforts this must have been a journey of a life time. Thanks for making it available to all.

Peter Nicholson,
North Yorkshire , UK.


Thanks David Seamer for sending this book, “An Illustrated Guide To The Freshwater Protozoa”. I know there many members here that have at least one copy of one of David Seamer’s books. If you don’t have a copy and are looking for a fantastic, go-to resource for ease of identification I highly recommend his books.

Compiled from over 20 years of firsthand observation, David’s detailed line drawings and widespread sampling of dynamic freshwater habitats across Australia. These books represent a life’s work and are valuable in their own right and not just to the amateur explorer of the microworld below our scale of vision.

Well set out and it’s easy to quickly flick to your potential taxonomy target. The books are highlighting Australian habitats but these creatures are globally cosmopolitan, you’ll find them all around you no matter where you are, making these books globally relevant.

Well priced and handcrafted by David. Definitely worth having on the desk next to your microscope.

Fabian Weston,


I received your books today-thanks so much. I am really impressed by them. You have clearly spent many thousands of hours over a long period of time on them and they are really a fabulous resource for a beginner such as myself! Once again many thanks for sending them to me!
Glen Sykes, Scotland.

Thanks, David.

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